Job Seekers
Mechanika Pojazdowa
Type of company activity: Transportation shipping
Company vacancies: 1
Country: Poland
Address: Mławka 2, 13-240 Iłowo-Osada
Primary contact: Mieczysław Just

Domestic driver

Requirments for applicant

Driver's license category: CE
Additional permits: Chip card
Education: Irrelevant
Job experience:
from 1 year Poland
Poland Working

Foreign language knowledge:

Polish Russian

Working conditions

Country: Poland
Type of job: inside country
Form of employment: According to the employment contract
Work table: Mon-Fri

Wage: from 5000 PLN 

before tax
Ammount of drivers: One
Additional rules:

przewóz kontenerów morskich 20 i 40 stopowe po kraju

mile widziani kierowcy z Białorusi